Molten Salt VTP Pump

Built upon the popular VTP pump, Flowserve Molten Salt VTP was designed using advanced thermal mapping software to ensure adequate heat dissipation and mitigate distortion. Available in single or multistage diffuser designs.

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  • 品牌:
  • 应用:
    Molten Salt Transfer
  • 行业:
    Power Generation
Molten Salt VTP Video
To learn more "about" the features and benefits of Flowserve Molten Salt VTP for Concentrated Solar Power Plants, please watch this video.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Low pump submergence allows for greater energy generation.
  • Low NPSHR for enhanced suction performance.
  • Excellent heat dissipation design prevents distortion at high temperatures.
  • Advanced fluid sealing system protects against fluid leakage and reduces heat conduction.
  • Materials engineered to equalize thermal growth and forestall distortion.

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 13 600 m3/h (60 000 gpm)
  • Heads to 530 m (1740 ft)
  • Pressures to 100 bar (1450 psi)
  • Temperatures to 600°C (1100°F)
  • Settings to 20 m (65 ft)

Molten Salt VTP Pump Application

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聚光太阳能热发电 - 槽式 - 塔式太阳能发电

Bombas de energía solar concentrada

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Flowserve Bombas de energía solar concentrada - Colector parabólico - Torre de concentración


聚光太阳能热发电 - 槽式 - 塔式太阳能发电

HDX API 610 (BB2) 两端支撑式分段式双吸流程泵

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VPC (VTP-Can) 立式涡轮双壳泵

说明: 福斯 VPC 立式涡轮双壳体泵采用导叶式,单级或多级设计,应用于有效 NPSH 有限的工况。

LNN 两端支撑式、中开式单级泵

说明: 福斯 LNN 轴向剖分泵设计,包含145种叶轮和涡壳的组合,从而能在所有水应用中平稳、高效地运行,且 NPSH 要求低。


说明: WXH 泵是一种卧式、径向剖分、高压、节段式泵。 它特别适用于大型工业锅炉、以及要求苛刻循环操作的复合循环电厂的锅炉给水。

DMX API 610 (BB3) 两端支撑式轴向对分多级泵

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VCT Vertical Mixed Flow

说明: VCT pumps are designed for extended operation in services where large capacities are required at relatively low pressures. Ideal for wet pit installations, VCTs offer multiple hydraulic combinations and design features to suit application needs.

VTP 立式涡轮湿坑泵

说明: 福斯的 VTP 立式涡轮泵采用导叶式、单级或多级设计,用于在湿坑和深井应用中连续运行。VTP 有 300 多种碗形导流壳和叶轮设计,提供前所未有的水力覆盖,以确保各种使用环境下选择最佳的泵。

HPX ISO 13709/API610 (OH2) Hydrocarbon Processing Pump

说明: Engineered and built for reliable, safe performance, the HPX also provides optimal emissions containment. This pump represents the most comprehensive range of hydraulic coverage available to the industry, thereby permitting precise selection for best operating efficiency.


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