N-Seal Nuclear Primary Pump Seal

The result of years of research, thousands of hours of rigorous testing and decades of primary pump application experience, the Flowserve N-Seal primary pump seal represents the nuclear industry’s most advanced mechanical seal technology. With each of three stages capable of sustaining 100% system pressure, the N-Seal has successfully provided proven service life and fail-safe redundancy in Flowserve Byron Jackson® primary coolant pumps for years.

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    Nuclear Service
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    Power Generation
Flowserve N-Seal Animation
N-Seal Interactive Animation
This self-paced, interactive tool features a highly detailed 3-D model of the N-Seal primary pump seal. Users will learn about the anatomy of the seal, its important design features, and its many safety and reliability benefits.

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Unique Cartridge Construction simplifies installation, enables more accurate seal setting, and keeps associated costs low.

Triple Redundant Seal Design mirrors existing seal system parameters. Each of the three stages can handle 100% of the system pressure.

Hydrodynamic Seal Face Technology outperforms hydrostatic designs with dramatically improved reliability and running periods.

Three different seal face lift designs are available to ensure non-contacting faces over a broad operating range.

Pressure is Automatically Redistributed to the remaining two stages in the event of a stage failure, allowing the plant to complete the fuel cycle.

Interchangeability of Stage Components enables spare parts inventories and carrying costs to be reduced.

Large Axial Travel Capability maximizes operating life; sealing integrity maintained through all plant transient scenarios.

N-Seal installation in progress

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Атомная энергетика Насосы

Атомная энергетика - Насосы - Уплотнения - Разработка и техническая поддержка Изменение рабочих параметров и модернизация - Послепродажное обслуживание

N-Seal Upgrade Bulletin

Flowserve N-Seal Bulletin - 原子力一次系ポンプ用シールのアップグレード

N-Seal Upgrade Bulletin

N-Seal Amélioration du joint de pompe primaire des centrales nucléaires

N-Seal Upgrade Bulletin

Flowserve N-Seal - 核主泵密封升级方案

Nuclear Power Pumps

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Flowserve Pumps for Nuclear Power - Pumps - Seals - Engineering and Technical Support - Re-rates and Upgrades - Aftermarket Services

N-Seal Upgrade Bulletin

Flowserve N-Seal - 核主泵密封升级方案

A New Line of Defence

Article on the addition of the passive abeyance seal to the N-Seal nuclear primary pump seal. Appeared in Nuclear Engineering International in October, 2013

DFSS and DVSS Nuclear Radially Split, Single Stage Pumps

说明: This ASME Section lll, Class 1 is designed for primary coolant, reactor recirculation and primary heat transport service with boling water reactors (BWR), pressurized water reactors (PWR), and pressurized heavy-water reactors (PHWR).


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