Condition Monitors

IPS Beacon

The Flowserve IPS BeaconTM is a data acquisition, logging and visual alert device for monitoring process pump health. Mounted atop a pump’s bearing housing, the intrinsically safe Beacon checks power-end vibration (x-y-z axis) and temperature against pre-set limits, visually warning the user when an alert condition occurs.

In addition to the visual alert, the Beacon has broad expansion capabilities. With the addition of the optional USB docking device and PC-based software, users are able to customize alarm levels to each specific application. Adding the optional Take-away Memory module (TAM) allows the Beacon to store time-stamped vibration and temperature measurements which can then be downloaded for further evaluation.

To further extend its capabilities, the Beacon can be transformed from a local to a remote monitoring and alert device. By integrating it with an IPS Wireless Series 103 multi-point device, the Beacon sensor data can be sent “wirelessly,” allowing the user instant access to information without having to be stationed near the pump. This integration of wireless data and information is seamless to either a local monitoring system or the Flowserve Technology Advantage Platform.

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Types of Flowserve Condition Monitors

IPS Beacon™

ОписаниеThe Flowserve IPS Beacon is a data acquisition, logging and visual alert device that monitors process pump health. Mounted…