Hydraulic Decoking Systems

Flowserve hydraulic decoking systems are the world’s most advanced, providing refiners with maximized unit output, increased unit reliability and unparalleled personnel safety.


Flowserve has been in the vanguard of hydraulic decoking for delayed coker units since the technology’s inception in 1938. That year, a Flowserve heritage company, Worthington Pumps, designed the first high-pressure coke cutting pumps, decoking control valves and coke cutting tools. Today, Flowserve continues to be the innovative leader and is the overwhelming supplier of choice for advanced hydraulic decoking systems, having outfitted over 160 installations globally – more than 95 percent of the world’s units. Process licensors, engineering and construction firms and DCU operators alike turn to Flowserve for proven applications expertise and problem-solving capabilities.


Know-how and Reliability That Only Comes With Experience

Flowserve engineers relentlessly drive new equipment and system innovation to maximize unit reliability, to minimize unit maintenance costs and to realize fail-proof unit safety. With peerless experience that comes from unequaled system runtime, Flowserve engineers design and build each hydraulic decoking system to optimally match the unique characteristics of each site’s equipment configurations and feedslates.

Continuous Innovation for New and Existing Units

Flowserve decoking specialists regularly work with end users to troubleshoot issues, develop component enhancements and implement unit run-time improvements on dozens of installations each year. This continuous feedback on operating practices, safety requirements and new requirements keeps Flowserve engineers at the forefront of innovation in the hydraulic decoking industry. The result is a steady stream of leading-edge product development and system upgrades that reduce cutting times, maximize reliability and provide fail-proof safety.

Online Assurance™ Programs Provide Real-Time Access to Information

Online Assurance programs from Flowserve are designed for mission-critical equipment and systems where increased uptime and throughput results in significant revenue and profitability increases for customers. By providing real-time access to critical information that facilitates decision making, Online Assurance empowers DCU operators to take proactive measures, implement upgrades or adjust equipment operation to maximize unit output. This is accomplished through the use of:

  • Onboard, sensor-based monitoring and control systems
  • Intelligent pumping algorithms that predict pump behavior and prevent failure
  • Wireless networking systems
  • Customized data portals for global real-time access to information

Types of Flowserve Hydraulic Decoking Systems

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