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    Flowserve is leading in the development of online courses related to process systems and equipment.

Online Training

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Web-based training programs from Flowserve systematically lead participants through programs that include theory, real-life examples and easy-to-understand visuals to drive home important principles.

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Why Online Training May Make Sense

While nothing can replace the enhanced learning that comes from classroom instruction and hands-on labs, online training provides an alternative for customers with the following pressures:

  • A rapidly expanding workforce requiring immediate exposure to process and equipment fundamentals
  • Shrinking operational budgets that eliminate the possibility for travel or on-site facilitation
  • Schedule constraints that don’t allow for structured, multi-day courses
  • Lack of pre-requisite exposure to leverage more advanced training

Self-paced or Expert-facilitated

Prepackaged training vignettes covering basic equipment fundamentals, hydraulic principles and complex process systems are immediately available through the Flowserve Learning Management System. Instructor-led courses featuring group webinars, online discussions and off-line assignments take online workforce development to the next level.

Online Access and Management Tools

The Flowserve iStore offers the convenience of online ordering for its Web-based training programs. Managers or individual participants can view available course offerings and purchase training seats using credit cards, purchase orders or P-cards. After an account is established, user credentials are automatically forwarded. Management tools allow participation and performance tracking to monitor workforce development progress and return on investment.

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