Asset Optimization Solutions

Plant operators face the pressures of increased productivity and profits which are seemingly at odds with the everyday realities of decreased operating budgets, rising energy costs and increasing operational costs.

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Flowserve asset optimization solutions take the traditional OEM-customer relationship beyond equipment supply to include a suite of resources and tools designed to relieve these stresses of increasing plant availability and reducing equipment life cycle costs. Asset optimization solutions are tailored to address any combination of issues according to customer priorities and business strategies. Contact Flowserve to learn more about asset optimization.

LifeCycle Advantage™

At the foundation of every Flowserve asset optimization solution is LifeCycle Advantage, a formal methodology for evaluating an operation and implementing programs that take into account the complete life cycle of the equipment and systems that comprise a customer unit or plant. In practice, the LifeCycle Advantage methodology results in a strategic partnership, whereby the customer and Flowserve establish mutually compatible goals and key performance indicators. Regular reviews of these indicators ensure progress and results.

Asset Optimization Solutions Chart