Flowserve Careers

Supply Chain & Logistics

Flowserve places strong emphasis on providing our customers with quality products through the help of our diverse vendors. From raw materials to the finished product, we ensure that we are delivering our products to our customers on time and in flawless condition.

Supply Chain's mission is "to support and drive local divisional sourcing requirements and operational improvements by leveraging our total company spend to improve on-time, quality delivery at competitive prices from our suppliers."

In order to maintain our efficiency, Flowserve employs the Six Sigma method. Since 1997, Flowserve has participated in Black Belt certifications. We have approximately 1500 trained or certified Green Belts and Black Belts globally. Increasing productivity, whether in the office or in one our plants, while decreasing the cost of waste and maintaining quality, is the backbone of what we want our output to be: best-in-class.

Areas of Supply Chain and Logistics include...

  • Continuous Improvement Process
  • Transportation
  • Commodity Management
  • Industrial Supply Chain
  • Engineered and A/P Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Indirect Supply Chain
  • Facilities
  • Supplier Quality
  • Foundry Operations

If you are interested in joining our Supply Chain & Logistics team, please search for available positions through our Job Search