Dissecting the Marketplace

Flowserve has dealt with the ups and downs of the world’s economic climate since as far back as 1790. Today, Flowserve is focused on investing in strategic industries and regions.

Flowserve has undergone a significant transformation in its business over the last two years, developing and formalizing an usual approach to the aftermarket by focusing on technology and services. In general, the success of Flowserve has mirrored market strength with major project wins coming from global regions and industry segments.

In an article published in “World Pumps” magazine, Jim Quain, Vice President and General Manager Worldwide Sales & Customer Service, Quain discusses how Flowserve is currently playing in oil and gas, power generation and desalination industry.

You can learn more about what Quain thinks about current Flowserve business in the article “Dissecting the Marketplace”.

Published with permission from World Pumps Magazine.