Castings and Foundry Services

The Flowserve Dayton Foundry is a world-class, high alloy facility specializing in stainless steels, nickel- based alloys and reactive alloys such as titanium and zirconium. The foundry has the capacity to provide rapid prototyping through its investment and no-bake processes. Additionally, the Flowserve induction skull melting process is capable of producing reactive alloy castings at a significantly lower cost and with unmatched alloy flexibility.

The metallurgists and skilled trades people provide the expertise and know-how in casting design and technical assistance in the most demanding environmental applications.
The foundry's goal is to provide high-quality castings that require little or no machining before final assembly.

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To melt steel, cast iron, brass and bronze materials, Flowserve Dayton Foundry is equipped with an unparalleled range of melting furnaces with capacities from 150 to 8000 pounds. Melt times are less than 60 to 90 minutes per heat. This exceptional capability enables the foundry to pour heat lots in any quantity and to meet a wide range of temperature requirements.

Pattern Shop

Flowserve Dayton Foundry is one of the few foundries nationwide that offers a complete in-house pattern shop that produces the precise patterns used in today’s high-performance molding processes. With this in-house flexibility, Flowserve Dayton Foundry produces outstanding castings that meet customers’ requirements. The Dayton foundry also maintains relationships with outside pattern shops that enhance tooling acquisition capability.

Alloy Expertise

Since 1912, Flowserve has been in the forefront of alloy development and foundry technology. A pioneer in the development of cast stainless steels, including Alloy 20 and CD4MCuN, Flowserve is committed to leadership in metallurgical expertise. Utilizing a unique combination of ceramic coremaking and molding, casting technology, heat treat control, radiographic and other non- destructive testing and analytical procedures, Flowserve produces castings of unsurpassed quality in not only stainless steels but various other high alloys. These include nickel-base and cobalt-base alloys, and reactive alloys such as titanium and zirconium (i.e., brand names such as Hastelloy®, Inconel®, Monel®, etc.).


Finishing is the last crucial step in the casting process and Flowserve Dayton Foundry takes pride in upholding the highest standards for its customers. After the cast- ing is released from the gates and risers, it is cleaned and any burrs or blemishes are removed to produce the finished product. In addition to this finishing process, Flowserve also employs a quality assurance program to ensure the highest quality castings are produced.

Quality Assurance

To ensure castings meet customer expectations and requirements for quality, delivery and price, Flowserve employs a quality assurance program that involves several processes.

  • While many foundries purchase “master melt,” Flowserve possesses in-house capability to blend and analyze metals. This assures consistent and optimal chemistry, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.
  • All operations are carefully controlled and documented through a series of technical specifications to assure consistency.
  • Every heat is analyzed at least twice to guarantee compositional integrity.
  • All castings are inspected to MSS Standard Practice 55.

Reactive Alloy

Reactive Alloy

Flowserve is one of the few foundries in the United States to specialize in high-quality titanium casting as part of its Reactive Alloy Process. By utilizing the technological advantages of Induction Skull Melting with specially modified investment molding and rammed refractory processes, Flowserve Dayton Foundry can produce competitively priced, superior titanium castings.