MARPAC Tri-Pac™ E325/ E525 Ball Valve

MARPAC's three-piece design of the Tri-Pac™ E325/ E525 Ball Valve includes a true swing out body, in addition to no body lips or body rings to interfere with in-line maintenance.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Inorganic Chemicals, Polymerization, Backwash, Diesel Fuel, Irrigation, Process, Boiler Feed, Emergency Feedwater, Isomerization, Scrubbers, Building Trades and Services, Light Oils, Sewage, Bulk Chemicals, Filter Backwash, Light Slurries, Soap, CO2 Injection, Fuel, Lube Oil Transfer and Feed, Steam Generator Feed, Cargo Loading and Unloading, Gasoline, Lubricating Oil, Sugar Processing, Chemical Processing, General Processing Industry, Makeup, Synthetics, Chemical Transfer, General Purpose, Marine, Washdown, Circulating Water, Greases and Fats, Mineral Processing, Waste Processing, Circulation, Heat Transfer Fluids, OEM, Waste Treatment, Commercial, High Viscosity Polymers, Organic Chemicals, Waste Water, Acid Transfer, Condensate, Hydrocarbon Processing, Petrochemical Processing, Water, Activated Sludge, Condensate Cooling Water, Hydrogen, Petroleum Distribution, Water Cooling, Ag-Chem, Condensate Extraction, Industrial Plant Services, Petroleum Production and Refining, Well, Agriculture, Cooling Tower, Industrial Waste, Plastics, Aromatics, Cooling Water, Fertilizer
  • Industries:
    OEM, Miscellaneous Services, Steam Systems, Volatile Organic Compounds, Acid Transfer, Waste Processing, Agriculture, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Bleach Chemicals, Water Handling and Treatment, Boiler Feed, Water Treatment, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Chemical and Liquor, Coatings, Condensate Systems, Cooling Systems, Dewatering & Water Supply, General Industries, Logistics and Tank Farm, Solvents
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  • Misc:
    High Pressure

MARPAC's three-piece design of the Tri-Pac™ E325/ E525 Ball Valve includes a true swing out body. In addition, the threaded end ball valve does not include any body lips or body rings to interfere with the in-line maintenance feature. 

MARPAC offers this ball valve in both the regular port design (E325) for economy purposes and the full port design (E525) for minimum pressure drop. This allows the MARPAC Tri-Pac™ E325/ E525 to boast both high standards and quality in a rugged design.

Large, enclosed body bolts along the ball valve maintain the body seal even through temperature fluctuations. The fully enclosed bolt thread configuration also protects against corrosion, which is essential for API-607 fire test qualification. 


  • Size range: 1/4" to 2" 
  • Regular and Full port designs available  
  • In-line repairability provided by three-piece swing out design
  • Maximized seal integrity due to the dual packing feature
  • Vacuum to 3000 psi

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MARPAC Tri-Pac™ E-325/ E-525 Ball Valve User Instructions (IOM)

MARPAC Tri-Pac™ E-325/ E-525 Three-Piece In-line Maintainable Ball Valve User Instructions: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

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