Flowserve Durco

Durco The Durco brand has a long heritage in providing valve solutions for the Chemical Process industry. Durco was founded in 1912 and is now part of Flowserve.

Beginning in 1912 as a foundry in Dayton, Ohio, Durco is well known as a brand with a comprehensive metallurgical portfolio of valve products that meet or exceed the flow control needs of customers.

The Durco line of valve products consist of plug, butterfly and ball valves designed for handling the most difficult and demanding applications. By providing both metallic and fully lined versions of each product type, valve selection can be strategically applied to resolve process application issues at the most economical price.

With long-lasting corrosion resistance, Durco valves can handle the most aggressive acids and the latest chemical compounds without compromising performance. This ensures peace of mind for operators and extends the life of the valve, thereby lowering total cost of ownership.