Equipment Performance Improvements

Flowserve engineers have successfully implemented the most complex performance improvement upgrades in virtually every industry in every corner of the world. They have collaborated with plant operators, process licensors and architectural and engineering firms to solve virtually every conceivable equipment reliability, performance and availability problem.

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Examples of the challenges and the solutions Flowserve provides to the global infrastructure, broad process and general industrial markets include:

  • Re-rating oil production and pipeline pumps
  • Upgrading refinery charge pumps
  • Designing new pump hydraulics for advanced hydrocracking process technology
  • Upgrading boiler feed, condensate, cooling and auxiliary pumps and systems to satisfy new turbine generating capacity
  • Modifying potable water treatment and distribution pumps for a growing population
  • Recommissioning complete units of idle hydrocarbon process pumps
  • Dry gas seal retrofits

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Equipment Performance Improvements