Flowserve Valtek

Valtek Reliability, long life, parts interchangeability, ease of maintenance and prompt delivery. Valtek products combine all these essential ingredients to produce the finest line of automatic control valves in the market today.

From Mark One globe valves to ValdiskTM and ShearStreamTM rotary valves to custom-engineered valves, Valtek control products have earned a reputation for being high quality control valves. This reputation has been gained not only with standard control valves, but also for Valtek advanced products such as StarPacTM intelligent systems and LogixTM digital valve controllers.

Valtek control products are also known for handling the most severe services: cryogenic, superheated steam, volatile and corrosive fluids, erosion, high pressure drops, vibration, cavitation, flashing, and high noise levels.

Valtek valves are equipped with spring cylinder or spring diaphragm actuators that provide the thrust and speed necessary to manage any service. Valtek four-way analog and digital positioners provide accuracy and response to handle the most exacting applications.


  • Reliability - over a million cycles typical
  • High rangeability - up to 300:1
  • Tight shutoff - Class VI bubble tight available
  • High pressure drops - erosion resistant, excellent control
  • Anti-cavitation - TigerTooth, CavControl, and CavStream designs
  • Low noise - up to 30 dB noise reduction