Medium Duty Slurry Seals

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    Dewatering & Water Supply, Leaching Acid, Primary Processing, Slurry Transfer

A single cartridge seal with a flexible stator design. Rugged primary seal faces of sintered silicon carbide, and a monoblock rotor configuration. Available with a Quench Containment Device (QCD) as an outboard seal that can be run with a low pressure water closed loop barrier system or as a single seal with the Synthetic Lubrication Device (SLD) that requires no other equipment.

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SLM-6000, SLM-6100 Installation Instructions

Single, balanced, pusher cartridge seal for slurry applications

SLM Series Seal Brochure

Engineered for applications typical with mineral and ore processing

Flowserve Seals - Products and Services Catalog - English

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8.5 x 11

This products and services brochure is designed to make you familiar with the latest Seal Group products and services.

SLD (Synthetic Lubrication Device) Brochure

Used in conjuction with a Flowserve Mechanical seal fitted with QCD, the SLD helps protect the seal faces in dry running slurry applications to improve the equipment's MTBPM

Slurry Seals, advanced mechanical seals for the complete range of slurry applications

Slurry Seals, advanced mechanical seals for the complete range of slurry applications

SLC Slurry Seal

Description: The SLC Slurry Seal is built tough to withstand the rigors of mining and mineral processing. It's so tough you can install it and forget it.


Description: Dual balanced cartridge multi-spring pusher seal


Description: Slurry Seals

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