Breaking Barriers in Alternative Energy

Flowserve utilizes technology to forge new paths in renewable energy

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Flowserve values being a trusted partner to our customers, and we work hard to achieve solutions that meet their flow control needs in any field, including alternative energy. Our sustainability commitment starts by building products that are designed to last, achieving balance between production and consumption. We move, control and protect the flow of materials in some of the world's most critical industries – and Flowserve technology is in high demand in the field of renewable and alternative energy.

Green Rankings

Newsweek magazine listed Flowserve as one of its top 500 environmentally friendly U.S. companies in the 2011 Green Rankings list.

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In February, Tonopah Solar Energy, LLC, enlisted Flowserve to provide pumps for their Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project. Located near Tonopah, Nevada, this concentrated solar power plant utilizes mirrors to focus the sun’s energy on a central receiver that sits atop a tower. The 110-megawatt solar energy project’s “molten salt power tower” design captures and stores the sun’s thermal energy. The liquid molten salt, which is pumped to the receiver atop the tower where it captures the thermal energy, is then piped down to tanks that store the energy until it’s needed. The stored heat is then used to generate steam to power a standard steam turbine and generate electricity. This innovative solar power plant is expected to generate more than 500,000 megawatt hours per year, enough to supply electricity to more than 75,000 homes when it comes online in 2013.

Flowserve was awarded a contract to provide a new deep-well submersible pump and motor to Germany-based geothermal power plant Geothermische Kraftwerksgesellschaft Traunreut in November 2011. Developed in conjunction with the German government, this innovative, high-energy submersible motor and frequency converter is designed to help Germany meet its renewable energy goals. The highly-engineered, vertical pump and oil-filled motor is designed to be installed at a depth of 600 m (2,000 ft) and used to pump water with temperatures up to 140°C (285°F). Once the geothermal fluids reach the surface, the steam produced will be used to turn the turbines that generate electricity, creating a renewable and environmentally friendly source of power.

Since August 2011, Flowserve pumps have helped power a first-of-its-kind solar power plant in the Andalucia region of Spain. The 19.9 megawatt Gemasolar power plant uses seven Flowserve vertical turbine pumps (VTPs) to collect solar energy, along with Flowserve dry gas fluid sealing systems, making it the world’s first commercial concentrated solar power plant that uses molten salt as the heat transfer fluid. With the innovative use of molten salt, electricity can be generated 24 hours a day for months at a time. In addition, the plant utilizes a central tower receiver with thermal storage capabilities allowing for energy production for up to 15 hours without sunlight. For residents in this region of Spain, this cutting-edge power plant is not only breaking barriers of technology in their backyard, but it also helps support the region’s power supply by supplying electricity to 25,000 nearby homes. Watch the Molten Salt Video. 

Similar to other solar power plants, the Gemasolar plant incorporates 2,650 large, sun-tracking heliostats (mirrors) to focus sunlight on the top of a centrally-located tower. The solar energy heats molten salt in excess of 500°C (932°F). When combined with high pressure, the molten salt produces super-heated steam, increasing the plant’s efficiency. Additionally, low pump submergence allows the liquid level to be drawn down farther in the storage tanks for greater energy generation. In the future, this power plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 30,000 tonnes annually.

Flowserve is proud to play an integral role in unique applications that are not only breaking the barriers of technology, but also forging new paths for energy production in a world looking for better, more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

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