Water Resources

Proven, reliable pumping systems for every water application

Water is ubiquitous, covering 71 percent of the earth’s surface. It is essential to human, animal and plant life. It is critical to industry from agriculture to steelmaking. It can be incredibly powerful and even more incredibly destructive. Harnessing its virtues and controlling its power require pumping systems that can handle almost unimaginable volumes and pressures with complete reliability.

Water resources applications are extraordinarily broad – source water and transmission, treatment and distribution, waste water, irrigation, flood control, drainage, dry docks, reclamation and restoration, etc. Desalination is becoming more prevalent in order to meet the potable water needs of a growing global population.

Flowserve was born in water resources more than 220 years ago and is among the few companies which have the engineering expertise and the breadth of applications experience to meet these varied requirements.