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HDX API 610 (BB2) 两端支撑式分段式双吸流程泵

说明HDX 泵补充了悬臂泵和多级工艺流程泵之间的流量和压力要求。HDX 完全符合 API 610 (BB2) 最新版标准,为石油炼制和电力的高温和高压应用提供安全、可靠的性能。

HED API 610 (BB2) 两端支撑式、分段式两级泵

品牌United Centrifugal, Pacific
说明福斯 HED 是按照 API 610 (BB2) 最新标准设计的径向剖分、两级泵。HED 和首级叶轮双吸的HED-DS 是对应用于高温工况的单级 HDX泵和双壳体多级泵产品的补充,填补了它们之间的性能空隙。

HWMA2 ISO 13709/API 610 (OH3) Vertical In-line, Low-Flow, High-Head Overhung API Process Pump

说明Flowserve’s HWMA is a two stage, vertical in-line overhung pump with a separate bearing bracket. With its small footprint,…


说明IPS APEX is the industry's most sophisticated tool for data acquisition, diagnostics and intelligent control. The IPS APEX…

IPS Power Monitor™

说明Product No Longer Available The IPS Power Monitor (model KW941) monitors and displays actual power to the rotating…

IPS Tempo™

说明The IPS Tempo is a user-friendly, variable frequency drive (VFD) with pre-engineered optimization, protection and control…

PVXM ISO 13709/API 610 (OH3) Vertical In-Line Overhung API Process Pump

说明The Flowserve PVXM vertical process pump features a diffuser design and a rugged in-line bearing housing. Compliant with…

WMA ISO 13709/API 610 (OH4) Rigidly Coupled, Vertical In-line, Low-Flow, High-Head Process Pump

说明The WMA is a rigidly coupled, ISO 13709/API 610 OH4 design vertical in-line pump and features the same hydraulics as the…

WMA2 Two Stage, Rigidly Coupled, Vertical In-line, Low-Flow, High-Head Process Pump

说明The WMA2 is a two stage rigidly coupled pump designed to comply with API requirements for OH4 pumps. Like the HWMA2 pump,…

WTB Between Bearings, Two- and Three-Stage, Radially Split Process Pump

说明The WTB pump is a between bearings, radially split, volute type process pump engineered to provide safe, reliable operation…

WUC ISO 13709/API 610 (VS6) Vertical, Double Case, Multistage Pump

说明Compliant with ISO 13709/API 610 (VS6), the Flowserve WUC vertical turbine is a radial flow or axial flow type, multistage,…

HED-DS ISO 13709/API 610 (BB2) Between Bearings, Single Case, Radially Split, Double Suction Two Stage Pump

说明The Flowserve HED-DS is a radially split, two stage pump designed to the latest ISO 13709/API 610 (BB2) standards, with a…