Pipe and Fittings Information

Wherever acids, solvents, bleaches, detergents or otherwise aggressive fluids can be found, Duriron pipe and fittings can be used.

Pipe and Fittings InformationInstalled using traditional plumbing techniques, Duriron pipe can be either chemically or mechanically cleaned. With such high corrosion resistance and durability, these products are ideal for use in chemical processing plants, school and industrial laboratories. Duriron pipe also is commonly found in medical facilities, pharmaceutical plants, food & beverage installations, general commercial and industrial plants and institutional facilities. Duriron pipe conforms to ASTM A518 and A861. A unique material with extraordinary performance benefits.

Duriron piping provides numerous advantages compared to alternative corrosion resistant piping. Among these are the following:

  • Nearly universal corrosion resistance
    • Life of the building installation
    • Virtually eliminate replacement costs (material, labor) and downtime
    • Alleviates environmental concerns associate with leaks
  • Fire and smoke proof
    • Does not emit toxic fumes
    • Does not require expensive firestops
    • Safe in return air plenums
  • Suitable for applications up to 500°F (260°C)
    • Ease of maintenance (steam cleaning)
    • Safe for exposure to hot process fluid
    • Safe for exothermic reactions resulting from chemicals mixing
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
    • Ease of maintenance (mechanical cleaning)
    • Resistant to solids in waste stream
  • No special precautions needed when burying underground
    • "Rigid" system requiring no special requirements for trench width
    • Not dependent upon side-fill support
    • Deflection of pipe wall not an issue
  • No concerns with acoustics from fluid drainage
    • Will not transmit or amplify distracting or objectionable plumbing noises
    • Density and wall thickness muffles sound from drainage

Mechanical Joint

The Duriron Mechanical Joint consists of an inner sleeve of PTFE, more commonly known as Teflon*, surrounded by an outer sleeve of Neoprene* rubber. The two sleeves are held in place by a 300 series stainless steel coupling. This simple, but extremely effective design allows for highly compact installations that can be accomplished more quickly and more economically without sacrificing quality.

The mechanical joint's PTFE inner sleeve possesses corrosion resistance equal to or greater than Duriron itself, thereby maintaining superior corrosion resistance even at the joints. The Neoprene outer sleeve provides strength to the member and allows the coupling to be tightly assembled without damaging the critical PTFE sleeve. The two bolt coupling is resistant to corrosion by organic and inorganic acids and their salts.

*Products of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company

Bell and Spigot

Duriron Bell & Spigot is installed using traditional plumbing methods and is in accordance with all city and state plumbing codes.

A Duriron Bell & Spigot joint is made using conventional plumbing tools, virgin lead, and special acid resistant rope packing called Red Stripe Sealite No. 312A. Sealite is an asbestos free, acid resistant rope packing that is specially designed for Duriron Bell & Spigot pipe and fittings. Made of highly corrosion resistant materials, Sealite packing seals the Duriron Bell & Spigot pipe joints by absorbing large quantities of the service fluid, expanding to several times its original volume. It is the packing that seals the joint, not the lead.

Split Flange

In addition to bell and spigot and mechanical joints, Duriron corrosion resistant process piping is available in a split flange design. Duriron split flange pipe and fittings are available in 1" through 8" sizes. Larger sizes through 16" and nonstandard lengths of pipe may be obtained by special order. Pipe and fittings also can be made from Durichlor 51, a modification of Duriron that nominally contains 4% chromium, by special order.

Connections on pipe and fittings are made by means of a split flange consisting of two interlocking halves. One complete two-piece flange is furnished for each beaded end; thus two complete flanges are supplied with each length of pipe, three with each tee, etc. Flanges are normally furnished in malleable iron with American Standard Class 125 Drilling, which has the same dimensions as ANSI Class 150.

Pipe pressure ratings for Duriron and Durichlor 51 cannot be stated in the customary manner used by the manufacturers of steel pipe because of such variables as thermal shock, pulsating pressures, and corrosive media. For services subject to pressure greater than 50 psi Flowserve Foundry Operations should be consulted.