Bellow Sealed Globe Valves


DescriptionIn the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnology, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile…

ColdFlow - 041000

DescriptionBy using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals are protected from cryogenic temperatures, thus ensuring their…

Hermavalve® Hermetically Sealed Valve

DescriptionA small bore, forged body globe valve with a body guided disc and a diaphragm sealed construction offering superior leak…


DescriptionValves with pressure classes above PN40 or ANSI Class 300 are considered by Flowserve as "high pressure" designs. Based on…


DescriptionFor Flowserve, a Low Flow valve is a valve with a range of Cv value between 0.01 to 4.7. Flowserve also manufactures Micro…


BrandValtek, Kammer
DescriptionThe Multi-Z severe service control valve eliminates cavitation and is designed for dirty service applications with excessive…


DescriptionCorrosive fluids, including both gases and liquids, require special attention when it comes to the materials used to build…

Globe Valve

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionFlowserve Flow Control manufactures four types of Anchor/Darling globe valve configurations, enabling customers to select…

Bellowseal Forged Steel Gate & Globe Valves

DescriptionA total containment solution is available with the installation of a Flowserve Vogt Bellowseal Gate Valve constructed to…

Series 800 Globe

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionThe 800 Series Globe valve features an investment cast body, oversized stem and a machined backseat.

Series 1878 Manual Globe Valve

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionThe 1878 series globe valves feature a one-piece investment cast body/yoke, T-head stem/disc connection, a bore guided disc…