Flowserve Serck Audco

Serck Audco Serck Audco valves have a reputation for quality and reliability. This long established reputation is maintained by modern design and manufacturing techniques. Supplied and serviced around the world, Serck Audco products are used in industries as diverse as oil and gas, mining, food and chemical processing.

With the most typical use found in natural gas, upstream hydrocarbons and slurries, Serck Audco Pressure Balanced Plug Valves have proven their suitability on a range of demanding applications wherever zero leakage or  bubble tight shut off and reliability of operation are of prime importance.

Some basic design advantages such as metal-to-metal seats and wide seating area, have made Serck Audco Plug Valves the product of choice where the valve is operated in a difficult or dirty service and/or needs to be opened against high full Differential Pressure. The Robust metal to metal seats ensure long valve life on any service, even in presence of solid particles in the line media.

Serck Audco Plug Valves are available in Pressure Balanced design (Super-H) and Double Block And Bleed (DIPV & TIPV).