Flowserve Durco

Durco The Durco brand has a long heritage in providing valve solutions for the Chemical Process industry. Durco was founded in 1912 and is now part of Flowserve.

Durco is recognized as an innovative flow control brand with a comprehensive portfolio of valve products consisting of plug, butterfly and ball valves designed to handle the most difficult and demanding applications.

Founded under the name Duriron in 1912, the company originated as a foundry, and developed a high silicon cast iron alloy. Given the same name, Duriron, this material rapidly gained a reputation for handling extremely corrosive substances.

Durco has continued that tradition and made a number of significant product developments for the chemical industry, including the first use of PTFE (Teflon) as a sealing material in a patented, special alloy, non-lubricated plug valve.

Today, by offering both metallic and fully-lined versions of each product type, Durco valves can be tailored to handle the most aggressive chemical compounds without compromising performance. These include strong acids, caustics, chlorine, chlor-alkali, HF alkylation, and many others. All Durco valves can be actuated for on/off or modulating control.

For plant operators, Durco quality ensures both peace of mind and extends the operating life of the valve, reducing total cost of ownership.