Valve Maintenance, Repair & Inspection

Maximize your manpower resources and minimize costs by letting the Flowserve valve service team maintain, repair and inspect your valves.

Flowserve offers full valve services for support during shutdowns and normal operation. We also support our product with quick response capabilities which includes a fully tooled mobile machine shop. Our field service team is highly experienced with competency in machining and assembly. Our record of bringing plants back on-line with a short turn-around speaks to our commitment to save our customers money by getting them back online as soon as possible.

  • Repairs - Welding, Machining & Valve Overhauls
  • Contracted Outage Support
  • Rapid Response Deployment
  • Training
  • Field Services Supervision
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Repairs - Welding, Machining & Valve Overhauls

Our fully trained technicians are equipped to handle the vast majority of repairs on-site saving our customers the cost and time associated with cutting out a valve and sending it to the manufacturer. Our technicians know our valves inside and out assuring you that the repairs will be correctly made. Coupled with the support from the engineering staff responsible for designing our valves, Flowserve’s valve technicians are the best in the business. We also offer in-house repair and return service for valves returning to our customers a valve that meets the original specifications with a new valve warranty.

  • Routine services such as packing replacement and seat lapping
  • Boring, refinishing, milling and other machine shop capabilities
  • Certified weld repair
  • Inspection of critical dimensions and surfaces
  • Troubleshooting and upgrade advice
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Contracted Outage Support

When manpower requirements exceed your staff capabilities, call on Flowserve for support during these critical times such as outages and plant start-up. Our team can supplement your specific valve requirements while allowing your staff to focus on their core competencies such as plant operation. Flowserve’s maintenance team comes with decades of experience helping customers like yourself.

Rapid Response Deployment

Flowserve is as close as a phone call away. Our team can be deployed on a moments notice to cover your emergency needs with manpower or special equipment to minimize your downtime and get your plant back in operation. We have saved our customers millions of dollars in lost revenue thanks to our quick reaction. Our team is available for deployment and on-call 24/7/365.

  • Fast deployment
  • Plant Support for Rush-Order Part Production
  • Plant Support for Rush-Order Valve Replacement
  • Full Engineering Staff Support
  • Contact us at 800-225-6989 or


Let Flowserve help with the training of your plant maintenance personnel. We offer both a classroom and full, hands-on training experience. Our training instructors can take students step-by-step through the machining, assembly and test processes utilizing our production equipment. We also offer on-site training supported by our mobile machine shop, cut-away valve models and extensive field experience.

Field Services Supervision

In lean environments, it can be impractical to keep your staff fully competent on all of the various nuances of valve maintenance and repair. The Flowserve valve repair staff has the experience and competency to supervise your maintenance crew during critical valve service and repair. Maximize your manpower resources and minimize costs by letting the Flowserve valve service team supervise your maintenance crews.