Oil and Gas Downstream

The industry's largest selection of ISO/API pumps for hydrocarbon processing

The high-temperature, high-pressure operating conditions of oil and gas processing are challenging. Abrasive coke and catalyst fines can be particularly troublesome. Pumping systems must be highly engineered for safety, reliability and emissions containment. This equipment must be adaptable to handle varying crude types and intermediate stream qualities and differing services like charge, process, transfer and storage applications. Special purpose systems like residuum upgrading equipment and cryogenic liquid expanders are typically employed to maximize product output.

Flowserve is the preeminent supplier of oil and gas process pumping systems to the world’s leading energy companies, offering the industry’s largest selection of ISO 13709/API 610 pump types and models. These include pumps for virtually all applications in the separation, conversion and treatment of petroleum.

  • Process Pumps for charge-feed; process; tank farm, storage and transfer; and utility service
  • Charge and Specialty Pumps, including
    • Multistage, axially split pumps (BB3)
    • Horizontal, multistage, double casing pumps (BB5)
    • Type PR reactor recycle (ebullating) and recirculation boosting systems
    • Hydraulic decoking systems (including jet, slurry handling and maze pumps)
    • High suction pressure designs for gas-to-liquids processes
    • Fully lined API slurry pumps