Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Flowserve combines technical expertise with cutting edge technology to reduce the carbon footprint of industry through reduced emissions, lower energy use and greater mechanical and process reliability.

Find Flowserve Products Used in Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

The capture and storage of CO2  from power plants, refineries, steel and cement mills and other industries is a critical task. With our leadership in CO2 capture and transportation pumping systems, Flowserve offers low life cycle cost CCS solutions to meet operational goals.

Global strength coupled with pioneering solutions makes Flowserve the supplier of choice for CCS pumps. Flowserve ANSI, ISO and general service pumps are the proven standard for CO2 capture and transportation. Through our vast experience in the power, oil and gas, chemical, water and general industrial markets, Flowserve possesses the expertise to integrate CCS pumps into a broad range of industry operations to obtain the lowest life cycle cost.  

Flowserve also offers a wide array of low pressure and quarter-turn valves for CCS applications including butterfly, plug and ball valves. Our extensive valve experience in petrochemical and power applications is a natural fit for CCS technologies.

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