Combined Cycle

Flowserve has a reputation for supplying high quality equipment for critical applications in combined cycle units involving steam and water control – namely: main steam, boiler feedwater, reheat, drain, blowdown, condensate and water circulating services.

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Combined cycle is an electric generating technology that creates additional electricity from heat exiting gas turbines. The exhaust heat from the gas turbines is routed to a conventional boiler or to a heat recovery steam generator for utilization by a steam turbine in the production of electricity.

Where natural gas is abundant and cheap, combining the Brayton (gas) and Rankine (steam) cycles to generate electricity has many advantages. Among these is natural gas, a relatively clean-burning fuel, emitting far less CO2,, mercury and particulate emissions than coal. In a combined cycle power plant, a waste heat boiler is installed onto the gas turbine exhaust stream. This heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) produces steam from hot gas exhaust to drive a steam turbine that turns an electric generator.

Flowserve pumps, valves and seals are fully proven and ideally suited for combined cycle project applications, including co-generation of electrical power and steam. These applications include heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) feed water, condensate and circulating water as well as auxiliary services.

Combined Cycle

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