Expanding Capabilities in Complete, Integrated Desalination Flow Control Solutions

Flowserve desalination capabilities were expanded with the acquisition of CALDER AG, a company that specializes in equipment used in the reverse-osmosis desalination process.

Flowserve desalination capabilities were expanded with the acquisition of CALDER AG, a Swiss company which specializes in the design, engineering and supply of energy-recovery equipment used in the reverse-osmosis desalination process. The acquisition furthers the Flowserve ability to deliver a complete, integrated desalination flow control solution to its global customers and expands access to the robust growth opportunities within the global desalination market.

Leaders in Desalination Technology

Responsible for many advancements in water-handling technology, Flowserve and Calder have supplied proven equipment and systems that are reliable, corrosion-resistant and energy-efficient to the desalination industry for more than half a century. Flowserve offers seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plant owners and operators the following benefits

• Worldwide sales and services network with offices in more than 55 countries
• Single point of contact and responsibility for all major equipment including pumps, energy recovery devices, valves and mechanical seals
• Engineering and technical resources for application support and ongoing life cycle cost reduction services
• Unparalleled expertise and experience in the design and operation of high-efficiency fluid motion and control systems
• Maintenance contract that guarantee performance and availability of the equipment for a fixed fee.

Reverse Osmosis

With its inherently simple design and significantly lower energy consumption, the reverse osmosis process is often the choice for municipal and commercial water supply. The comprehensive line of Flowserve pump products featuring high efficiency and advanced material technology can be a major factor in achieving success in potable water creation. Detailed systems knowledge along with a full menu of technical support and services is available wherever and whenever needed.

Equipment and Services That Drive Success

In designing modern desalination plants, low-cost water production and system availability are major drivers. Regardless of the desalination process, Flowserve is there to support customers with equipment and services that advance these goals:

• Broad hydraulic range to meet any process condition
• Hydraulic and materials engineering expertise to overcome tough operation conditions
• The highest efficiency pumps and energy recovery devices
• Local support of parts, repairs and service through QRCs
• Condition monitoring and maintenance contracts that guarantee the availability and efficiency of the equipment
• Educational services that train customer personnel in the selection, operation and maintenance of pumps, energy recovery devices, seals and valves

Market research reports from analysts covering the water industry that worldwide desalination capacity will more than double within the next decade, with the reverse-osmosis methodology expected to be used for a majority of these new plant developments.

More details on how Flowserve products are used in reverse-osmosis systems are explained in this PDF brochure.