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Off-site training at one of the Flowserve global Learning Resource Centers allows trainees to focus on educational content without the distractions and interruptions of day-to-day work pressures.

Download the Education and Training brochure to learn more. Download the Education and Training brochure.

DDownload the Flowserve Educational Services Course Catalog brochure to learn more. Download the Flowserve Educational Services Course Catalog brochure to learn more.

Off-site training affords customers the opportunity to have personnel from similar roles converge at a centralized location to learn and exchange best practices. The collaborative environment generated at a Flowserve Learning Resource Center (LRC) is ideal for customers looking for new and better ways to operate their plants more effectively.

Whether customers require basic training or customized programs, Flowserve offers an unparalleled global network of training experts and facilities to accommodate any request. Customers can choose the Learning Resource Center most convenient to their operations and course content and program formats that optimize the use of personnel and financial resources. Learning Resource Centers can be found in:

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Typically sized to accommodate up to 20 participants, classrooms are designed to allow interactive discussion of theory and principles to build the foundation for hands-on instruction.

Static Lab
Static Labs are equipped with a wide range of equipment for conducting experiments and practical exercises related to hands-on repair, symptom identification of failure, material identification, selection, installation and other vital troubleshooting skills.

Power Lab
In Power Labs, process systems operate as they do in plants. Systems are filled with innovative see-through training aids such as glass flow meters, plexi-glass suction lines, extensive gauges, vibration monitoring equipment and unique clear acrylic pumps. Students learn first-hand how to prevent equipment failure and to operate systems more efficiently.

View the Course Catalog and Contact Flowserve to schedule at one of the Flowserve global Learning Resource Centers.