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    Flowserve offers energy management products such as steam systems and condensate systems for a variety of industries.

Steam Traps & Systems

Flowserve offers a comprehensive portfolio of steam related products from boiler controls and blowdown valves to steam traps and condensate return pumps.


Providing customers a full range of complete steam systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability, Flowserve steam systems have many practical applications and are used wherever steam is generated, distributed or used.

The industry’s most complete selection of steam systems, complemented by our product development, engineering and global support services, provide customers with a one-stop solution to operation needs.

From the beginning, Flowserve steam systems have been engineered and manufactured with the objectives of increasing product and plant performance and reliability, supporting steam and energy management, and maintaining the efficient release of condensate. To this day, Flowserve still maintains these objectives, which has established Flowserve as one of the world’s leading suppliers of steam and condensate technology.

Through our research and development, Flowserve not only sets technical milestones regularly but also makes it possible for our customers to receive new ways to save energy. Operational reliability and environmental protection play an important role in our steam and condensate system development.

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