Control System

The decoking operating system utilizes state-of the-art programmable controllers, monitoring equipment, and field devices with over 20 years of field-proven design techniques.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Petroleum Production and Refining, Decoking
  • Industries:
    Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Delayed Coking

Features and Benefits

The basic control system includes a master control panel located near the pump train, a cutting deck panel for each pair of drums, and upper and lower proximity switches to monitor crosshead travel and tool position inside the drums. The system designs meet international standards and unique end-user requirements.

The system provides:

  • Monitoring of the pump train and lube oil system with permissive starts, vibration and temperature alarms and shutdowns
  • Safety interlocks for the drill stem, decoking valve and isolation valves
  • Disabling of the hoist at safe high and low in-drum positions when cutting is in progress
  • Display of cutting tool elevation and drill stem position
  • Hoist cable tension with under and over tension set points that disable hoist movement
  • Discharge pressure of the pump
  • Speed indication of the rotary joint

Various options are available for improved system operations, including:

  • Remote panels for the programmable controller and the condition monitoring system
  • Triple modular redundant processors
  • DCS communication
  • Flowserve IPS APEX™ drum monitoring to assure complete cutting
  • Remote and automated cutting capabilities

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Оборудование систем гидравлического коксоудаления

Оборудование систем гидравлического коксоудаления

Hydraulische Decoking-Systeme

Hydraulische Decoking-Systeme

Equipamento para Sistemas de Descoqueamento Hidráulico

Equipamento para Sistemas de Descoqueamento Hidráulico

Equipo de sistemas de decoquización hidráulica

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8.5 x 11

Equipo de sistemas de decoquización hidráulica

Sistema de Equipos de Corte de Coke

Flowserve Sistema de Equipos de Corte de Coke - "Innovación del líder mundial en descarbonización hidráulica" (11" x 17")

Decoking System Equipment Innovation Poster

Flowserve Decoking Poster - Innovation from the Global Leader in Hydraulic Decoking (36" x 24")

Inovação do Líder Global em Descoqueamento Hidráulico Poster

Flowserve poster de Descoqueamento - "Inovação do Líder Global em Descoqueamento Hidráulico" (11" x 17")

Remote and Automated Hydraulic Decoking Systems

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8.5 x 11

Remote and Automated Hydraulic Decoking Systems

Hydraulic Decoking System Equipment Bulletin

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Hydraulic Decoking System Equipment

Decoking System Equipment Innovation Poster

Flowserve Decoking Poster - Innovation from the Global Leader in Hydraulic Decoking (11" x 17")

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Rotary Joint

Description: The Flowserve Pacific® heavy-duty rotary joint is robustly designed to support the suspended loads experienced in coking units. Its function is to transmit cutting fluid from the stationary hose connection to the drill stem and cutting tool. Flowserve is continually upgrading its rotary joint to accommodate increasingly higher cutting pressure requirements.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Jet Pump

Description: Built to meet or exceed ISO 13709/API 610 (BB5), latest design, the WIK is a multistage, double-case barrel pump. Its unique low specific speed hydraulics and extra heavy-duty design are especially engineered for reliable service in jet pump decoking services. The WIK is intended for special purpose, unspared, high-power density and extremely arduous conditions.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Latching Mechanisms

Description: Flowserve latch mechanisms enable stowing of the crosshead when not in use, providing a safe and practical way to remove tension on the cable and winch.

Isolation and Bleed Valves

Description: Customized decoking ball valves are used to manage cutting water flow to the coke drums and to relieve drum pressure. The valve designs incorporate unique features that provide long life and safe operations.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Video Monitoring System

Description: Video monitoring systems provide critical feedback to operators and are an essential part of remotely operated coke cutting systems from Flowserve.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Drill Stem

Description: Flowserve threaded drill stems are extremely durable for decoking service with a side load strength four times greater than comparable welded drill stem designs.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Tensiometer / Load Cell

Description: The Flowserve compression type tensiometer replaces typical designs used for measuring cable tension. The result is a more practical load measurement system with many safety, operation and maintenance advantages.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Drill Stem Guide and Shroud Assembly

Description: The Flowserve drill stem guide and shroud can accommodate up to 305 mm (12 inches) of overall lateral misalignment. The innovative design rides on the drill stem and fully encloses the cutting tool. It diverts dangerous water flow vertically away from operators in the unlikely event a pressurized cutting tool is retracted from the drum or energized while stowed.

Pulley Blocks and Sheaves

Description: The lifting mechanism for the drill string utilizes multiple blocks and sheaves built to Flowserve specifications. Multiple sizes and load ratings are available to meet specific unit requirements.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Crosshead (Free Fall Arrestor)

Description: The crosshead and free fall arrestor unit guides and centers the rotary joint-drill stem-cutting tool assembly in the coke drum. The crosshead is designed to safely absorb all torque loads normally sustained from cutting operations.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Control Valve

Description: The Flowserve decoking control valve controls the flow from the jet pump with a single valve providing three distinct features: recirculation flow control, pre-fill and full flow to the decoking tool nozzles.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Coke Drum Monitoring

Description: Flowserve coke drum monitoring systems provide coke cutting personnel with positive confirmation that the coke has been removed and the cutting process can continue. The system can be integrated with the decoking control system for maximum ease-of-use or provided as a stand-alone option.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems AutoShift™ Cutting Tool

Description: The AutoShift combination decoking tool makes remote drum decoking feasible by removing the operator from the cutting deck. Boring and cutting mode shifting is accomplished automatically and safely within the drum by water pressurization and depressurization.

Hydraulic Decoking Systems Audio Monitoring System

Description: Audio monitoring systems provide critical feedback to operators and are an essential part of remotely operated coke cutting systems from Flowserve.

Decoking Winch

Description: The decoking winch is specifically designed for use in coke cutting to raise and lower the cutting tool in the coke drums. Several unique features are incorporated to assure safe, reliable operation in the most demanding environments.

Decoking Hose

Description: Flowserve decoking hoses are designed for the harsh environment of the delayed coker. These high-pressure hoses are oil and chemical resistant and feature abrasive-resistant outer covers with multiple layers of wire reinforcement for strength and durability.

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