Advanced Stormwater Control

Flowserve introduces reliable concrete volute pumps to the United States for high-volume stormwater applications

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Much of Dallas, Texas (USA) is protected by a 22-mile levee system that runs along both sides of the Trinity River. These levees form the Dallas Floodway, which receives runoff from an upstream area of approximately 9,000 square miles. The system includes six stormwater pump stations, three behind each levee and each with multiple pumping units.

Flowserve concrete volute pumps for flood protection

The first U.S. Installation will control the cantankerous Trinity River in Texas

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Because of their age and inadequacy in a 100-year flood event, the city initiated a program to upgrade the pumping stations. As part of this upgrade, the number of pumping units will almost double, going from 29 to 50. This represents a significant increase in operations and maintenance, so it is critical to select both equipment best suited for the application and the right partner company to support the equipment.

The city developed a detailed process to evaluate pump types and options and subsequently conducted a 15-month investigation. Upon a thorough review of manufacturers, Flowserve was selected to provide concrete volute pumps and aftermarket services for the project. Although the equipment Flowserve will be providing is new to the United States, more than 400 pumping units are in service in North America and Europe and have performed well for over 30 years. Concrete volute pumps are excellent for high-volume and low-to-moderate head applications and have an outstanding reputation for reliability.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying the pumps, Flowserve will provide aftermarket services. Flowserve supports its customers locally to help improve reliability of equipment, offering personal service, engineering expertise and around-the-clock responsiveness to keep customers’ equipment operating at peak performance.

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Portions of this story were taken from the November 2011 Public Works magazine article "Concrete volute pumps for flood protection." Flowserve has obtained the rights to use this information.