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FlowSelex Portal offers users a new dimension of ease and flexibility to quickly and accurately identify solutions for their pumping needs

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FlowSelex Portal is a state-of-the-art pump selection program from Flowserve. Providing support for 80-plus products, FlowSelex Portal boasts more than 14,600 registered users who have saved more than 46,400 pump selections. This Web-based tool delivers immediate, real-time access to the latest, most accurate data about Flowserve pumps. Use it to size a pump for a new application or gain access to performance information for an existing installed unit. Users can also save selections for future reference and generate technical documents specific to their hydraulic selection.

FlowSelex Portal provides new features and capabilities previously unavailable through PROS+ SE, including:

  • Search results presented in tabular or curve form
  • Dynamic, trackable full size curves which display data points as you move your cursor over them
  • Convenient links to supplemental product information, including product brochures and Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals

FlowSelex Portal is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Users have the choice of two input modes to help them make their selections:

  • Basic Mode permits users to identify preliminary pump solutions based upon limited inputs, including duty conditions, application, industry standards or configuration.
  • Advanced Mode enables users to input more detailed criteria such as advanced operating parameters and construction details.

Users may switch between modes at any time in the selection process.

In addition, FlowSelex Portal offers two levels of access to accommodate user needs:

  • Basic Access allows users to select from the most common Flowserve pumps.
  • Advanced Access extends the list of available pump selections to include some of the more highly engineered Flowserve pumps. For Advanced Access, just check the “Request Advanced Access to FlowSelex” box when creating your profile.

The FlowSelex Portal application requires the following technical requirements and configurations: 
Supported Browsers: IE8 or higher, Firefox 3.5 or higher, Chrome 20 or higher, Safari 5.1.7 or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader: 9.3 or higher (except 10.1.2)
Java: Version 6 (may be shown as version 1.6)

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