Flowserve Wilson-Snyder

Wilson-Snyder was founded in 1874 and is now part of Flowserve.

HWX API 610 (OH3), Overhung, Vertical In-Line Pump
BrandByron Jackson, IDP, Worthington, United Centrifugal, Wilson-Snyder, Pacific
DescriptionThe Flowserve HWX pump is a vertical, in-line design, fully compliant with API 610 (OH3), latest edition. This pump offers…
W API 610 (OH4), Radially Split, Vertical In-Line, Rigid Coupled, Process Pump
BrandWilson-Snyder, Worthington, Pacific, Byron Jackson, IDP, United Centrifugal
DescriptionThe Type W is a radially split, single stage, single suction, vertical in-line pump and is compliant with API 610 (OH4),…