The Unique Requirements for Valves in SRO Applications

Growth in the seawater reverse osmosis (SRO) industry opens up a number of opportunities for companies that understand the unique issues the industry presents

Global Water Intelligence reported that in 2011, new construction within the desalination industry was about five million cubic meters per hour, forecast to increase by 140% to 12 million by 2016. To meet the forecasted increase in demand, individuals charded with valve applications in this industry know that, more than ever, paying attention to materials selection, equipment confirguration and energy efficiency are critical for improving financial returns on the sizeable investments required.

Product manager Ben Lee of Flowserve briefly reviews with Valve Magazine the seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) process and broadly addresses those valve applications. Lee also discusses materials of construction and the all-important pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN), along with several new desalination valve configurations. 

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