Primary Metals

Pumping systems for plant-wide service, including production water, cooling, power gen, chemical handling, etc.

Water is both the most common and most crucial element in metal making. Its primary use is for non-contact cooling of associated process equipment. But water is also used for: direct contact cooling and cleaning of the metal in process; cooling of the process off-gases; product rinsing; process solutions makeup (i.e., pickling, cleaning and coatings operation); dust and moisture control; steam and power generation; and potable water. To ensure pump system reliability and plant availability, problems related to corrosion, scaling and bacteria must be effectively addressed along with effluent water treatment.

With its proven expertise in water resources and power generation, chemical processing and materials engineering, Flowserve is able to partner with plant operators to successfully identify, troubleshoot and rectify water system and process issues. That knowledge, combined with its comprehensive portfolio of pumps — including ASME (ANSI), ISO and API process pumps; axially or radially split between bearings pumps, engineered vertical turbine, cantilever and lineshaft pumps; screw, gear, multistage ring section and reciprocating pumps; and slurry and solids handling pumps — makes Flowserve uniquely qualified as a supplier-of-choice to fulfill the pumping system requirements of the primary metals industry.

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