Chemical Processing

The most preferred ISO and ASME (ANSI) process pumps for tough corrosives and toxic emissions

Perhaps nowhere do the requirements for materials expertise, engineering design and applications know-how converge as critically as in chemical and petrochemical processing. Highly corrosive liquids and emissions that are volatile, toxic and flammable along with abrasive slurries must be contained to the most stringent laws and regulations.

Pump systems must handle process, heat transfer, effluent treatment and myriad auxiliaries with complete reliability. Whether through traditional synthesis and catalysis or through newer techniques such as bioprocessing, cryogenic processing as well as new reactor and separation technologies, Flowserve can meet the liquid movement, sealing and control needs of the chemical industry. It offers the industry’s most preferred lines of ISO 2858-5199 and ASME B73.1 (ANSI) chemical process pumps in numerous materials and configurations to meet wide-ranging process and system requirements.

In addition, Flowserve offers engineered pumps for specialty applications:

  • ISO 13709/API 610 axial flow elbow pumps for polyolefin loops and bimodal reactors
  • Engineered vertical cantilever pumps for titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) applications in pigment processing
  • Multistage vertical lineshaft pumps for transferring toxic liquids (e.g., chlorine, phosgene, anhydrous cyanide, etc.)
  • Timed gear and twin screw positive displacement pumps
  • ISO 13709/API 610 centerline mounted and vertical in-line process pumps
  • Slurry-abrasive hard metals and rubber-lined pumps
  • Submersible solids handling pumps