Flowserve Lawrence Pumps

Solutions engineered to last.

Founded in 1935 in the Massachusetts city that bears its name, Lawrence Pumps has grown to become a predominant manufacturer of centrifugal pumps for abrasive slurry and toxic liquid services. Lawrence Pumps are applied wherever harsh service conditions require robust, highly engineered pumping equipment, including:

  • Petroleum refining to handle coke and catalyst fines
  • Polyolefin production slurry phase loop reactor service
  • Dye and pigment titanium tetrachloride (TiCl₄) and titanium dioxide (TiO₂) manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper chlorine dioxide (ClO₂) processing
  • Metals processing to include abrasive mill scale, caustic and alumina slurries
  • Power generation from coal ash to molten salt in concentrated solar power (CSP) stations
  • Hazardous chemical bulk storage and transfer

Lawrence Pumps products extend the Flowserve portfolio with these notable pump models:

  • HPX6000 and HPXM6000 ISO13709/API 610 (OH2) fully lined (hard metal) pumps for safe, reliable pumping of high temperature abrasive slurries
  • AFH9500 axial flow propeller pumps for polyolefin loop reactor service
  • VPL3600 and VPL1700 multistage, vertical lineshaft pumps specifically designed for maze slurries and toxic liquid applications, respectively
  • VPL3400 and VPL3300 engineered vertical cantilever sump- or tank-mounted pumps for molten salt transfer and TiCl₄ manufacturing, respectively

Lawrence Pumps was acquired by Flowserve in 2011.