The continued use of coal as the fuel of choice for power generating plants may well depend upon clean coal technology, a new generation of energy processes that sharply reduce air emissions and other pollutants compared to older coal-burning systems.

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While the Integrated Gassification Combined Cycle (IGCC) gas plant is far more complex than that of the natural gas combined cycle unit, the power generating sections and equipment are virtually identical. A gasifier converts coal to synthesis gas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide). The synthesis gas is scrubbed to remove acid gases and mercury. The syngas is then burned in a combustion chamber to drive a gas turbine. Waste heat from the combustion turbine is then captured in a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and converted into steam that drives a separate steam turbine to produce additional electricity. The CO2 is captured for storage.

Flowserve offers a full line of proven process equipment for water-steam cycle, carbon capture - transport - storage and balance of plant (BOP) applications. 

Integrated Gasification

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