LPN ISO 13709/API 610 (BB1) Between Bearings, Single Case, Axially Split, Double Suction, Single Stage Pump

Fully compliant with the latest ISO 13709/API 610 (BB1) standards, the Flowserve LPN axial split case, medium pressure pump features the side/side nozzle configuration preferred for hydrocarbon and water transfer applications.

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  • 品牌:
  • 应用:
    Dewatering and Water Supply (mining), Distillation (oil and gas), Drilling and Production, 防火, Water Supply and Distribution (water), Auxiliary Services (power), Water Supply and Treatment (oil and gas), 锅炉给水增压, 冷凝泵, FPSO, Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery, Gas to Liquids, LNG, Nuclear Service, 厂区外, Cooling Water (power), Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale
  • 行业:
    Water Resources, 普通工业, Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation
  • 标准:
    API610, API682

Double Volute, Axially Split Casing Design minimizes hydraulic radial forces in any condition down to the minimum flow, thus reducing shaft deflection and increasing the life of bearings, seals and wear rings.

Suction and Discharge Nozzles are integrally cast in the lower half casing to permit pump disassembly without disturbing the piping. Nozzles are designed to handle external forces and moments equal to or in excess of ISO 13709/API 610 specifications.

Near Centerline Mounting provides superior pump alignment and performance at elevated temperatures.

Confined Gasket Design allows metal-to-metal contact for proper gasket compression and eliminates corrosion of bolts and nuts.

Raised Face Flanges meet ASME B16.5 standards and are available in Class 150 (PN 20) and 300 (PN 40).

Renewable Casing and Impeller Wear Rings are standard, permitting continued high-efficiency operation. Clearances are per ISO/API requirements

Double Suction Impeller provides hydraulic axial balance and allows minimal NPSHR. The complete rotor assembly is dynamically balanced to ensure vibration-free operation as per ISO/API requirements.

ISO 21049/API 682 Seal Chambers operate at suction pressure and allow for installation of cartridge-style single, dual unpressurized and dual pressurized mechanical seals to meet required safety and environmental requirements.

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 15 000 m3/h (65 000 US gpm)
  • Heads to 250 m (820 ft)
  • Pressures to 25 bar (365 psi)
  • Temperatures to 150°C (300°F)

LPN Range Chart

LPN Between Bearings, Single Case, Axially Split App

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Атомная энергетика Насосы

Атомная энергетика - Насосы - Уплотнения - Разработка и техническая поддержка Изменение рабочих параметров и модернизация - Послепродажное обслуживание

النفط والغاز مضخات

فلوسيرف مضخات النفط والغاز - التنقيب والإنتاج وخطوط الأنابيب - البحرية - البرية - الاصطناعية الخام والغاز الطبيعي المسال

Öl & Gas Pumpen

Flowserve Öl & Gas: Produktion, Pipeline - Offshore, Onshore, Synthetisches Rohöl, Flüssignaturgas


Flowserve 油气:生产和管道用泵 - 海上、陆上、合成原油和液体天然气

Bombas de Petróleo e Gás

Flowserve Petróleo e Gás: Produção e Oleodutos - Offshore, Onshore, Petróleo, GLP - Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo

Нефть и Газ Насосы

Flowserve Насосы для переработки углеводородов - нефтеперерабатывающей, нефтехимической переработки

Pompe Oil & Gas

Flowserve Petrolio e gas: Esplorazione e produzione, Oleodotti - Offshore, Onshore, Greggio sintetico, Gas naturale liquefatto

Kohlenwasserstoffverarbeitung Pumpen

Flowserve Kohlenwasserstoffverarbeitung - Raffination, Petrochemische Prozesse

مضخات معالجة الهيدروكربون

فلوسيرف مضخات لمعالجة المواد الهيدروكربونية - تكرير وتصنيع البتروكيماويات

Переработка углеводородного сырья Насосы

Flowserve Pumps for Hydrocarbon Processing - Refining, Petrochemical Processing

Pompe Trasformazione degli idrocarburi

Flowserve Trasformazione degli idrocarburi: Raffinazione, Petrolchimica

Bombas de Processamento de Hidrocarbonetos

Flowserve Bombas de Processamento de Hidrocarbonetos - Refino - Processamento petroquímico


Flowserve 碳化氢加工泵 – 用于炼制和石化加工的泵


Flowserve 碳化氢加工泵 – 用于炼制和石化加工的泵

LPN Pump Bulletin

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve LPN Pump - API 610/ISO 13709 (BB1) Between Bearings, Axially Split, Single-Stage, Double Suction Pump

LPN (BB1) Pump Poster

Flowserve LPN (BB1) Pump - Axially Split - Double-Suction - Single-Stage Pump

Nuclear Power Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Nuclear Power - Pumps - Seals - Engineering and Technical Support - Re-rates and Upgrades - Aftermarket Services


Flowserve 油气:生产和管道用泵 - 海上、陆上、合成原油和液体天然气


Flowserve 碳化氢加工泵 – 用于炼制和石化加工的泵

Pipeline Transportation Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Pipeline Transportation - Crude Oil and Refined Products - Water - Slurry

CO2 Capture, Transportation, and Storage Pumps

Select format:
8.5 x 11

Flowserve CO2 Capture, Transportation, and Storage Pumps - Pre-Combustion, Post-Combustion, Pipeline, Injection

Geothermal Power Generation Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Geothermal Power Generation Pumps - Production Well - Heat Transfer Fluid - Condensate Extraction - Circulating Water - Re-injection Well

LPN Centrifugal Pumps User Instructions

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance for Between bearings, axially split, single stage, double suction pumps

HDX API 610 (BB2) 两端支撑式分段式双吸流程泵

说明: HDX 泵补充了悬臂泵和多级工艺流程泵之间的流量和压力要求。HDX 完全符合 API 610 (BB2) 最新版标准,为石油炼制和电力的高温和高压应用提供安全、可靠的性能。

DVSH API 610 (BB1) 两端支撑式轴向对分单级泵

说明: 福斯 DVSH 是按照 API 610 (BB1) 标准最新版设计的轴向剖分双吸泵。 DVSH 系列有 94 个不同的尺寸,提供行业内最全面的操作范围。

UZDL API 610 (BB1) 两端支承式、轴向剖分、两级泵

说明: UZDL 是按照 API 610 (BB1) 标准最新版设计的轴向剖分两级泵。UZDL 泵采用双吸式首级叶轮,是许多如管道和输送等低NPSH、高工作压力应用的理所当然的解决方案。 该泵填补了单级 DVS 和多级 DMX 泵之间的性能空缺。

HED-DS ISO 13709/API 610 (BB2) Between Bearings, Single Case, Radially Split, Double Suction Two Stage Pump

说明: The Flowserve HED-DS is a radially split, two stage pump designed to the latest ISO 13709/API 610 (BB2) standards, with a double suction first stage impeller.


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