Flowserve Calder

Calder specializes in the design, engineering and manufacture of high efficiency energy recovery devices for reverse osmosis desalination.

Founded in Switzerland in 1981 and acquired by Flowserve in 2009, Calder™ is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency energy recovery devices (ERD) for the global sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination industry. These corrosion-resistant ERD’s are engineered to capture and reuse waste energy, effectively lowering net energy consumption for efficient and cost-effective desalination.

Calder’s Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery, or DWEER™, is among the world’s most efficient ERD and boasts extremely low total cost of ownership. Calder’s energy recovery turbines, or ERT, offer ease of operation, outstanding efficiency and value for smaller SWRO facilities.

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  • Nearly 30 years of experience in supplying energy recovery devices to the SWRO industry
  • High-quality “built-to-last” products designed by RO experts for the RO market
  • Technical support from experts with a wealth of knowledge in engineering and the RO process