Flowserve is a trusted partner to large multi-national and in-region organizations in emerging region infrastructure projects, oil refinery expansions, LNG projects, chemical plant construction, nuclear and other power plant projects, biotechnology, desalination, mining, and pulp and paper industries.

Power Generation

The Flowserve portfolio of products and services help optimize and control critical systems used in power generation by offering a wide range of solutions built to customer specifications.

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Chemical Processing

Flowserve products and services consistently deliver value to the Chemical Industry while handling some of the world's most hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

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Water Resources

Flowserve solutions are able to meet the water demands of markets worldwide with a broad range of proven solutions.

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General Industry

Flowserve products enjoy a long-standing reputation for quality and operational performance in industries as diverse as food and beverage, mining, pulp and paper, aerospace, agriculture, district heating, and electronics

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Oil & Gas

The scale, scope and complexity of the oil and gas industry are almost incomprehensible. Words like enormous, immense and massive inadequately describe its collective activities to find, produce, transport and process the hydrocarbons the world needs for its continuing and growing prosperity.

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Pulp & Paper

24 hours per day, 365 days a year, continuously working with corrosive and erosive fluids under high pressure and at high temperatures, valves installed in the pulp and paper industry have to operate properly. A failure anywhere in the process can result in huge costs.

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