Pump Supplier to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Industry

The capture and storage of CO2 from power plants, refineries, steel and cement mills and other industries is a critical task. With its leadership in CO2 capture and transportation pumping systems, Flowserve offers low life cycle cost CCS solutions to meet operational goals.

Global Leader for Carbon Capture and Storage Pumping

Global strength coupled with pioneering solutions makes Flowserve the supplier of choice for CCS pumps. Flowserve API, ANSI, ISO and general service pumps are the proven standard for CO2 capture and transportation. Through its vast experience in the power, oil and gas, chemical, water and general industrial markets, Flowserve possesses the expertise to integrate CCS pumps into a broad range of industry operations to obtain the lowest life cycle cost.

CO2 Capture

Flowserve is the trusted source of pumping systems for the varied processes used to capture CO2. The company offers a complete line of products to handle solvents like MEA, DPEG, ammonia and many others. Flowserve also has the pumps required for auxiliary processes, thus offering a solution to virtually every carbon capture pumping need.

  • Mark 3, CPX, HPX and PVML overhung pumps with flows to 2000 m3/h (9000 gpm) and heads to 350 m (1100 ft)
  • LNN, LPN, and HDX between bearing pumps to handle volumes up to 51 000 m3/h (225 000 gpm)
  • DMX multistage pumps that are capable of heads to 2130 m (7000 ft)
  • FRBH and MNR slurry pumps capable of 17 500 m3/h (77 000 gpm)
  • QL and VTP vertical turbine pumps offer low NPSH solutions with flow rates to 20 000 m3/h (90 000 gpm)

CO2 Transportation and Injection

Flowserve was an early pioneer in the art of pumping high-pressure CO2. The company sold its first CO2 injection pump in 1983 and since then has continued to improve designs to meet the most demanding CO2 transportation and injection needs.

  • DVRS single-stage pipeline pump
  • DMX multistage for high-pressure injection
  • WIK and HDO barrel pumps for ultra high-pressure disposal

Download the Pumps For CO2 Capture, Transportation and Storage brochure for more details.

Innovative Aftermarket Programs

Flowserve stays involved with CCS projects through the entire life cycle of its pumping systems. Through its Integrated Solutions Group, Flowserve offers an extensive array of value-added aftermarket services aimed at improving the operations of a facility by increasing plant uptime and equipment reliability, optimizing system performance and lowering equipment life cycle costs.

Turnkey Engineering and Field Service

Flowserve offers turnkey engineering capabilities to streamline capital expenses related to piping design, foundation engineering, electrical systems and instrumentation. Flowserve technicians can offer installation and commissioning solutions, such as advanced laser alignment and ungrouted foundation solutions, that significantly reduce installation time.

Energy Management

Pumping systems can comprise between 20% and 50% of energy usage in typical industrial plants and as much as 95% in pipeline systems. On behalf of its customers, Flowserve actively pursues hydraulic re-rates, pump upgrades and system enhancements that offer energy savings between 30% and 50% of existing levels. A typical improvement program may involve field assessments, analytical modeling and investment recommendations.

Material Upgrades

Flowserve materials science engineers have unsurpassed expertise in the development, processing and application of metallic and non-metallic materials to: increase corrosion and erosion resistance; prevent wear and galling; and maintain critical pump clearances. Flowserve engineers consult with customers to explore the application of new or improved materials to extend equipment life, improve performance and lower total ownership costs. Advanced materials processing techniques include: laser hardening; plasma transferred arc welding (PTA); high-velocity oxygen flame spray (HVOF); and diffusion alloying. Flowserve also offers a vast array of advanced materials and processing techniques for distortion, wear and cavitation resistance.

Pump Availability

Flowserve engineers and technicians have been specially trained to help customers analyze, diagnose and solve those issues that cause problematic pump breakdowns and unscheduled outages. Engineers are equipped to collect real-time data, review performance problems, analyze data and make recommendations that result in improved pump system availability and higher profits.

Proactive Maintenance

Flowserve technicians are trained to provide services that go beyond simple reactive maintenance and repair. By analyzing failure modes, Flowserve can offer design improvements ranging from materials and coatings upgrades to hydraulic re-rates – all aimed at increasing pump reliability.

Inventory Management

Programs that help standardize materials, maximize interchangeability and increase part and assembly availability can save a significant impact on costs associated with spare parts inventory. Asset management experts from Flowserve can offer customized programs that reduce inventory levels while ensuring availability of critical parts.