Intelligent Controls

Flowserve IPS TempoTM makes intelligent system optimization and the benefits of variable frequency drive (VFD) technology more accessible. Users can program IPS Tempo to respond to process and condition variables to optimize plant output and protect pump equipment against adverse operating conditions.

Powered by an industrial grade variable frequency drive (VFD), IPS Tempo provides monitoring and protection features beyond the capability of typical VFDs.

  • Process Control — Adjust motor speed based on pre-established set points to optimize plant output and pump availability
  • Condition Monitoring — Monitor pump condition and either vary speed, shut down or automatically alert operators to maximize pump availability
  • Pump Power Monitoring — Monitor actual pump power to detect underload and overload conditions such as dry running, blocked lines, cavitation or excessive wear and rubbing

Moreover, IPS Tempo's customized pump terminology, built-in pump-specific parameters and simple menu-driven interface make installation and use intuitive and easy. In general, a user can configure IPS Tempo in less than 30 minutes – a fraction of the time it would take to set up a typical VFD. That means easier and more reliable implementation.

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Types of Flowserve Intelligent Controls

IPS Tempo™

ОписаниеThe IPS Tempo is a user-friendly, variable frequency drive (VFD) with pre-engineered optimization, protection and control…