Technical Assessments

Flowserve engineers perform comprehensive pump system audits to identify design weaknesses, reliability-availability and other operational issues.

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A five-step process guides a Flowserve technical assessment. Operating and historical data are analyzed. Modeling and technology-aided tools pinpoint problems. Solutions, recommendations and economic justifications are offered based upon life cycle cost calculations. Once Flowserve and the customer agree upon the best course of action, a wide array of equipment or system improvement solutions can be implemented. Contact Flowserve to schedule a technical assessment.

Flowserve business advisors also can provide a more holistic view of an operation and its performance relative to key industry measures through a Business Assessment.

Technical Assessments Chart

A Life Cycle Cost Methodology

At the heart of any technical assessment is a thorough life cycle cost analysis. The initial purchase and installation cost (CAPEX) of a new pumping system is typically a small part of the total cost to operate the system (OPEX) over its life, which can be more than 15 to 20 years or even 40 years in the case of many high-energy pump systems.

Flowserve has played a defining role in creating the LCC analysis model through the joint efforts of the Hydraulic Institute and Europump. This model is quickly becoming the global procedure for evaluating pumps and flow management systems to determine effective courses of action to improve performance and reduce total costs.