Oil and Gas Upstream and Pipeline

Remote, hostile environments require rugged, reliable pumping systems

The search for oil and gas has led companies to remote and hostile environments, from the ocean floor to the frozen arctic. Heavy oil mining and crude extraction presents difficult fluid movement and control issues, while offshore services require special materials and complex packaging requirements.

Often unattended and operating in the world’s most inhospitable environments, pipeline pumps must be highly reliable. The designs must also be flexible enough to accommodate the unique features required for differing services like mainline oil, CO2 transportation, cavern storage of light products and product loading terminals.

Flowserve is synonymous with oil and gas pumping, as reflected by its relationships with the world’s most prominent energy companies and its active memberships on various API standards committees. Its oil and gas pumps are robust, durable and reliable, and provide extraordinary MTBR. Compliant with ISO 13709/API 610, latest edition, and other applicable standards, Flowserve offers pumps for virtually all upstream applications.

  • Production Pumps for seawater lift; source water; water and CO2 injection; water treatment; utility; safety and firefighting; gathering and separation; and gas treatment
  • Pipeline Pumps for pipeline and transportation; storage and transfer; terminal; loading and offloading; and CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Specialty Applications, including
    • Fully lined API slurry pumps
    • Multiphase, twin-screw, double-suction pumps (API 676)
    • Subsea multiphase, twin-screw pump and submersible motor pumps
    • Dynamic positioning azimuthing thruster
    • Cryogenic pumps for LNG service

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