High performance butterfly valve. Triple offset disc for tight shut-off and to eliminate seat wear.

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    Paper Stock, Digester, Chemical and Liquor, Bleach Chemicals

High performance butterfly valve. Triple offset disc for tight shut-off and to eliminate seat wear.

Flowserve NAF Torex can be used both as a control valve and as a shut-off valve, in a wide variety of applications. Modular design with several seat options.

Equipped with NAF's unique maintenance-free o-ring stem seal design. Flowserve NAF Torex is an integrated part in the NAF control valve package with a unique direct mounting concept. Available in Stainless steel and other high alloy materials.


  • DN 80-600 (3
  • PN 10-40 (ANSI Class 150, 300)

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Valtek Torex TX Brochure

Valtek Torex TX Sales brochure

Valtek Torex TX IOM

Valtek Torex TX IOM

Torex butterfly valves

Technical brochure for the NAF-Torex butterfly valves

Certificate SIL NAF Torex

Certificate SIL NAF Torex

Torex butterfly valves

Maintenance and installation instructions for the Torex butterfly valve

Valtek Torex TX TB

Technical bulletin for Valtek Torex TX Butterfly valve


Description: Heavy-duty actuator for high performance modulating control.


Description: A high performance spool valve makes one size fit all sizes of actuators and creates high air capacity.

3200 Digital Positioners

Description: The Flowserve Logix 3200 Digital HART® positioner utilizes state-of-the-art piezo technology to provide superior performance and reliability. The Logix 3200 can be easily configured using the local buttons, HART handheld, and ValveSight software.

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