Valbart VW1 Welded Body Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valve

The Valbart VW1 is a welded body, trunnion-mounted ball valve.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Drilling and Production, Gas Production, Gasoline, Offshore, Oil Production, Oil Transportation, Petrochemical Processing, Petroleum Distribution, Petroleum Production and Refining
  • Industries:
    Gas Treatment, Oil and Gas
  • Standards:
    ASME (ANSI), ISO, ISO 9001:2000

The Valbart VW1 Welded Body Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valve assures bi-directional sealing of the valve with two independent floating seats. The design of the seat minimizes the torque required to operate the valve without losing the sealing power. This power is assured from zero differential pressure to the valve's maximum rated pressure. In addition, Valbart manufactured these welded body valves to seal off both seats at the same time and to allow bleeding of the entrapped cavity pressure (DBB) with the ball in the closed position. The DBB feature allows for verifying that the seats are sealing properly. 


  • Trunnion-mounted ball: Features a fixed ball and floating seat rings. Bearings absorb the side load generated by the pressure acting on the ball. 
  • Independent ball and stem: The ball and stem are independent to minimize the effect of side thrust from pressure acting on the ball. 
  • Self-relieving seat rings- two seat rings assure bi-directional sealing of the valves.
  • Double block and bleed (DBB): Both seats hold their respective pressures independent of the body cavity pressure which is ideal to verify that the seats are sealing. 
  • Soft-seated Valves: In valves designed for standard service, a resilient material is inserted into the metal seat holder to provide a soft-seating acting in addition to the metal-to-metal seating between the ball and seat rings. 

Optional Features

  • Emergency sealant injection stem seals and seat face
  • Metal seated valves
  • Double piston effect seats
  • Extended stem and fittings for below ground service
  • Coal-tar and epoxy coatings 
  • Pipe transition pieces
  • Numerous body, trim, seal area overlay and seal materials available

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Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves API 6D & 6A Brochure

Valbart Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves API 6D & 6A brochure

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