Stationary alloy 718 bellow

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    Distillation, Alkylation, Catalytic Cracking, Crude Handling and Treatment, SAGD, Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Hydrocraking, Hydrotreating, Delayed Coking
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Balanced, welded Alloy 718 bellows seal for high temperature petrochemical services. Fully complies with API 682 type C specifications for refinery and petrochemical applications.

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High Temperature Metal Bellows Seal Installation Instructions

For installing BXH, BXHH, BXRH, BRC, GTSP, GSDH Series

BXHHS-BXRH Series Brochure

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Stationary metal bellows for high temperature petrochemical services


Description: As BX, DIN version


Description: Alloy C-276 bellows for API 682, BXB arrangement 3

Seal Cooler

Description: (air cooled)

Buffer Fluid Reservoirs

Description: (API)


Description: null


Description: Stationary bellow

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