Flowserve FEDD Wireless

FEDD Wireless pioneered wireless monitoring and process control solutions for the infrastructure industries.

FEDD Wireless LLC was founded in Houston, TX in 1993 to address a compelling need for accurate reporting and efficient monitoring of VOC emissions. Operational safety and environmental sensitivity demanded a more efficient, accurate, and economical alternative.

FEDD responded with a self-powered, self-transmitting, early leak detection system. Its sensors, transmitters, receivers and intelligent repeaters, provide a flexible wireless solution that integrates with existing instrumentation or control systems or operates as a stand-alone system. FEDD's wireless solutions are designed to offer an efficient and economical means of monitoring equipment and processes in tough industrial environments such as oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and related industries.

In 2011, FEDD Wireless was purchased by Flowserve Corporation. The technology is now the basis for the Flowserve IPS Wireless data communication system, part of the IPS family of equipment monitoring and control products.

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