Asset Data Management

Flowserve has committed to developing the information technology platforms, sensor-based solutions and technical resources to streamline the collection, storage, interpretation and use of essential plant and equipment data.

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Whether employing a wireless monitoring system, leveraging its Technology Advantage™ Platform or making sense of disparate sets of historical data, Flowserve can help customers get a more complete view of all their data, including live operational parameters. Once data is collected and/or cleansed, proprietary software from Flowserve allows customers to view actionable information using easy-to-understand graphical interfaces. Flowserve and customer experts can collaborate to determine the meaning of data and quickly deploy solutions that prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur.

Flowserve uses many specialized technologies for data acquisition and equipment monitoring. Many of these devices incorporate equipment or process-specific algorithms that enable intelligent control. Learn more about Equipment Monitoring and Control products.

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Asset Data Management Chart

Technology Advantage Platform and

The Technology Advantage Platform includes two proprietary Web-based software applications – and Technology Advantage™ Portal – to help customers collect, store, manage and interpret asset data to achieve meaningful business results. Using these applications, customers, Flowserve technical resources and other authorized parties can easily:

  • View ongoing performance metrics through easily interpreted visuals
  • Monitor real-time equipment performance
  • Conduct predictive analysis
  • Recommend corrective action based on facts and verifiable data
  • Review historical equipment information
  • Manage timing and costs for equipment change-outs, repairs, maintenance and commissioning
  • Receive alarms and notifications via email, SMS text and smart phone applications Screenshot

Technology Advantage Screenshot

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Condition Data Point Monitoring Program

The Flowserve Condition Data Point Monitoring program expands data point collection from typical vibration analysis to include other factors, which can lead to premature failure. All data collected can be analyzed and trended using the best technology available. Changes in the trends indicate possible failure or a situation that, if not corrected, could lead to failure and expensive down-time.