Pulp and Paper

Mill-wide pumping systems for stock, abrasive-corrosive streams, water supply, effluent, etc.

As one of the world’s largest users of water, pulp and chemicals, the pulp and paper industry requires pumps of virtually every type and size. Pulping and repulping services are extremely abrasive, with slurries up to 70% solids content. Paper stock preparation and chemical recovery are both highly corrosive and abrasive. Paper manufacturing pumps must be versatile, durable and, most important, reliable. Raw water supply, paper machine, power generation and effluent treatment are key applications.

Flowserve can provide complete mill-wide pumping systems, from paper stock service to chemical processing and water resources to power and steam generation.

Paper Stock Preparation Pumps

  • Heavy-duty, paper stock process pumps (horizontal and vertical designs)
  • ISO or ASME (ANSI) recessed impeller chemical process pumps
  • Centerline-mounted process pumps
  • Rubber-lined or hard metal abrasive slurry pumps
  • Rotary screw pumps

Water-handling Pumps

  • Vertical turbine or wet-pit pumps
  • Between bearings, single-stage pumps
  • Multistage, segmental ring pumps

Chemical Process Pumps

  • Metallic and non-metallic ISO or ASME (ANSI) process pumps
  • Metallic and engineered composite vertical sump pumps
  • Axial flow, elbow pumps for chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and other services
  • Horizontal or vertical chemical slurry pumps
  • Rotary gear pumps

Power Generation and Pollution Control Pumps

  • Multistage, axially split volute pumps
  • Multistage, segmental ring diffuser pumps
  • End-suction, side discharge, mixed flow, non-clog pumps

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